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Indoor Wall Lights

JP015 CH Wall light 240v - Kizo 2-light

R1649.00   R1484.00 (Including tax)

HL12 CH Wall light 12v - Picture spot

R174.00   R157.00 (Including tax)

JP150 ABZ/CR Wall light 240v - Firl 1-light

R312.00   R281.00 (Including tax)

LS360 GU SST Wall light - up or down (316)...

R2442.00   R2198.00 (Including tax)

HL04 AB Wall light 230v - Picture curved a...

R1904.00   R1713.00 (Including tax)

JA13 AL Wall light LED - Beam-T 15° 1-ligh...

R1483.00   R1334.00 (Including tax)

JD96 SC/W Wall light 240v - Berlin large

R1217.00   R1096.00 (Including tax)

LS460 SST Wall light 240v - Farol lantern ...

R556.00   R501.00 (Including tax)

JE40 ABZ/W Wall light 230v - Malaga

R487.00   R439.00 (Including tax)

LS355 BL Wall light 230v - up & down - out...

R770.00   R693.00 (Including tax)

JN33 SC/W Wall light 240v - Via 580mm

R713.00   R642.00 (Including tax)

JE11 MCL Wall light 240v - Street ES

R179.00   R161.00 (Including tax)

HQ45 SC Wall light 12v - Flash + transformer

R1081.00   R973.00 (Including tax)

JH19 CH/W Wall light 230v - Pax frost glass

R243.00   R218.00 (Including tax)

JD68 SC/W Wall light 240v - Sand

R813.00   R732.00 (Including tax)

JE35 FW/W Wall light 240v - Prima

R187.00   R168.00 (Including tax)

JA25 AL Wall light LED - Ahu

R822.00   R740.00 (Including tax)

HL22 CH Picture light 12v - telescopic cli...

R986.00   R888.00 (Including tax)

JD70 SC/W Wall light 230v - Jade

R590.00   R531.00 (Including tax)

LS467 SST Wall light LED (c/w) - Placido -...

R952.00   R857.00 (Including tax)

JD65 SC/W Wall light 230v - Jud 450x100mm

R1173.00   R1055.00 (Including tax)

JE35 AS/W Wall light 240v - Prima

R187.00   R168.00 (Including tax)

JP151 ABZ/CR Wall light 240v - Firl 2-light

R976.00   R879.00 (Including tax)

HL03 SC Wall light LED - Picture curved ar...

R2311.00   R2080.00 (Including tax)

JP210 BR/CL Wall light 240v - Toledo 2-light

R1074.00   R967.00 (Including tax)

LS466 SST Wall light LED (c/w) - Placido a...

R763.00   R687.00 (Including tax)

JE32 W/W Wall light 240v - Tex

R185.00   R166.00 (Including tax)

LS214 BL Wall light 240v - half lantern 3 ...

R520.00   R468.00 (Including tax)

JF049 SC/WD Lamp 240v wall - Consertina me...

R554.00   R498.00 (Including tax)

JH100 CH/W Wall light 240v - Scroll 1-light

R333.00   R300.00 (Including tax)

LS218 ABZ Wall light 230v - half lantern 3...

R599.00   R539.00 (Including tax)

JA28 CH Wall light 230v - Memoir

R2256.00   R2030.00 (Including tax)

JA27 G9 AL Wall light 230v - Virsu

R534.00   R481.00 (Including tax)

JE11 BR/W Wall light 240v - Street ES

R147.00   R132.00 (Including tax)

JH52 CH/G Wall light 230v - Decor small

R416.00   R374.00 (Including tax)

JD28 SC/W Wall light 240v - Rim 330x250mm

R777.00   R699.00 (Including tax)

LS455 S Wall light 240v - Picket - outdoor

R732.00   R659.00 (Including tax)

JQ11 AC/W Wall light 230v - Lantern down

R785.00   R707.00 (Including tax)

JA10X SS Wall light 12v - Tube + transformer

R842.00   R757.00 (Including tax)